Wednesday, September 13, 2006

so here is an embarassing moment and too funny not to blog about. the past four days i have been without a cell phone. I have missed my boss calling me from work, my husband calling me from home, my cousin's birth of her first born and i'm sure many others. I was so bumbed. My phone not working was nothing new - i'm a pro at washing cell phones let's just say that. So this week it was not unusual to wake up, take my cell phone off the charger and proclaim sadly "it finally has died". I still took it everywhere hoping that it would magically restart. Today i literally prayed out loud "God I KNOW you can heal my cell phone if you want to." Well tonight I was using Kurt's phone. His battery ran out so I went to plug it in to my charger and ... his phone wasn't working too! Long story longer my phone charger wasn't plugged in and all week long i've been "charging" my phone overnight. Well now it works.

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christina said...

ha ha ha... i love you! as i said, there should be a comedy about you and your cell phone experiences.