Tuesday, May 08, 2007

katchen weaver & the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Monday morning schedule as follows:
6:08am: alarm goes off
6:30am: packed up a very groggy Izzybuns in the rain
6:35am: detour because Red Bridge is now not a bridge but a boat
6:45am: say hello to my favorite drive through Starbucks crew
7:00am: drop off Israel at Julia's house for some play time with the Weissmanns
7:15am: detour again as my 71N fwy is closed for flooding
7:55am: drive into the downtown city parking lot realize I have no cash
7:58am: go to a very shady gas station which is no help on an ATM
8:10am: finally find a bank
8:15am: pay NINE bucks to park in a dirty old parking lot 3 blocks away
8:18am: finally make it to my destination late
11:30am: get my name called to be on a panel of 60
11:31am: break for a much time wasted "lunch brake"
11:32am: get my lunch for $1 vending machine - deluxe!
1:00pm: finally go up to the courtroom
5:00pm: dismissed for the day (they still didn't pick a jury yet. (get to come back)
5:01pm: get the good news I will receive a $6 check. I'm still (-$3)after parking
5:10pm: make it back to the dirty old parking lot just in time
5:12pm: say hello to the nice lady who backed into my car
6:00pm: HOME at last

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Ricci, Mission Viejo CA (yes,still) said...

What a day! I hate it when I have days like that, hope you don't get picked!!!!