Thursday, May 08, 2008

ahhh morning

It is morning here in Missouri. Often I love this time because it is filled with uninterrupted quiet. Izzy is content the first few hours of the day to play. (especially when certain toys have been taken away for naughty behavior the day before. Ah his mercies never fail they are new every morning. Even for 3yr olds). Nobody calls me this early (6am ca time is not prime talking time) and my coffee hasn't even been microwaved yet. Thur mornings are especially wonderful because on Wed nights I have been playing in a volleyball league. My muscles have never felt such wonderful pain. It feels like high school except there is only one other girl playing and i love it. So Thursdays also are my morning to go to the prayer room and I love my prayer room team so much. I think Thursdays are becoming my favorite for a while. Some big news is that I bought a flower fridge yesterday. I'm so glad Kurto went with me because the area was not the best but the scrapyard of appliances was glorious. I found a fridge with 8 doors. Its like the double decker pass through that my flowers will have many options of entry. I am very excited. As my dad said, "oh I love seeing my tax dollars at work". Thanks for the stimulus $ Bush. My flowers thank you. I am going to be cleaning out the barn/shed this week and getting ready for business to start again. If anyone wants flowers or wants to clean flowers... come on over.


Ricci said...

I wish we had been closer when you were getting into flower arranging, I would have been your apprentice. Your arrangements are breathtakingly beautiful, you definately have a gift. So excited for you!

Shealynn Benner said...

How awesome!! A flower fridge. So professional, Katchen!! :)

Shealynn Benner said...