Sunday, September 28, 2008

bugs, boys & the belly

(23 weeks)
Kurto & I were supposed to go out of town with our couples bible study this weekend. Sometimes you need to go on a retreat and sometimes staying home, being a family is the retreat. With Kurto gone the past two weeks on the road we opted for staying home. I'm so glad we did. Our activities included some mild yard work, napping, sewing, a dessert with a new friend, coffee with old friends & some much needed vedge time aka kurto watching football and me sewing girlie girl things for Miss Aubrey. Izzy washed his truck and we all had some home made soup. I am so thankful for times like these and for my little family that as you can see is growing every day. This week is busy with meetings and schedules & every night full. Oh how I love that God made Sabbath time.


Ricci said...

Look at that cute prego belly, I love it. I'm at the sqishy stage where you just look like you put on a few pounds instead of lookin' prego, I can't wait for the "ball"! What girlie stuff are you making?

Shealynn Benner said...

You look great, Katchen. :) Nothing like boys and bugs. LOL. Glad to hear your weekend was nice.